I do accept all major credit cards, processed by PayPal business (see info below)

The following rates are for Incall services. Rates are defined by Current Market Value and Overhead Cost.

Some cities have specific rates and are listed at the bottom of my touring schedule, but most cities are 400

280/ea adtl hr (140/ea adtl 30 mins) for all locations

100/hr adder per extra person - (Couples) - **Example couple plus provider 1 hour - Donation 500**

Outcall add 40 to donation (outcall general distance/time of 15 miles/mins of travel or less)



Credit Card Processing

Many providers haven't been able or willing to offer donations by credit card, and historically clients have abused this priveledge and have left many girls hung out to dry by retracting or contesting payments or obtaining private information through the credit card process.  In addition I don't want to leave a suspicious transaction on a statement for all to see.  Thankfully, there are systems in place now that will allow for a successful transaction where both parties are protected.  Here is what I do to protect you and me...

** A machine with a chip reader is available for me to process your card when I see you

** I can also send you an invoice via email to complete the day of our appt or when I see you.  The invoice has specific terms on the sheet, so when you complete the payment, it is stated that by making the payment you have acknowledged that it is not refundable.

** Payments are coming from a Consulting Firm that is a registered LLC (cannot be tied to me via any internet searches) and has websites and legitimate information for both myself (I do operate a business and pay taxes) and also in the event someone is checking the charge on your card.

** I can customize your invoice to be of a service type that may be tax deductible as a business expense