Touring America


Even though I love living and traveling to bigger cities, I’m a small town girl (rural Wisconsin born and raised).  I love touring mid level cities for many reasons, but mostly the people.  I realize that some areas are isolated and/or not often visited by attractive & polished ladies, and I wanted to give some insight into things that are normal for most areas booking upscale companionship, and how booking, verification, and donation may vary.  I guess this could be more like a FAQ section.


Question 1:  Your prices are too high… Girls here are suggesting a much smaller donation.  Are you willing to accept less?


Answer 1:  Many girls in your area are either local or haven’t travelled far, and are staying in cheap hotels, and have a packed schedule, so their overhead is low and rely on volume.  For nicer ladies we have an annual budget of roughly $25,000 a year just on aesthetics (hair extensions, facial fillers & lip injections, skin treatments, personal trainers, nails, cavi-lipo).  We diet and exercise, and when you see us out in public we look flawless and polished.  We accept only a LIMITED number of appointments so that we can be clean and fresh (we don’t need to use drugs or alcohol to get through our packed day), and we have scheduling/booking assistants so that we aren’t answering calls or texts during appointment times.  We are also flying in from a long way away at times, staying in upscale hotels, and ALWAYS bring/have clean linens. No one is going to sell a 600HP sports car for the same price as an economy car.  Quality comes at a price.


Question 2:  Why do I need to screen? 

Answer 2:  Law enforcement is VERY active in areas with low priced girls in online classifieds.  Law enforcement doesn’t screen ahead, they will get your information when you show up to the too good to be true college hottie.  I don’t have a pimp that will bust in to save me if I am in danger.  Screening is for my safety and to make sure you aren’t law enforcement.  I have been doing this for over 3 years now and continue to do so because I don’t divulge information on clients To anyone. I have a scheduling assistant who helps me out with booking.  You may call and talk with her to give information, and that info is kept only for the day (until after our appt).  Most of the time clients won't give information is because they have something to hide (previously ripped off girls, rough, no show, no pay).  If you schedule, confirm, and don’t show up at the last minute you will need to pay.  I only take LIMITED appointments and am paying flights, ads, hotels, scheduler, etc.  so cannot afford to take a loss..


Question 3:  How do I know you're real?

Answer 3:  That's a tough one.  On larger paid boards we submit our REAL drivers license, unblurred photos, meet staff in person, submit quarterly photos, etc in order to maintain “verified” status.  For instance I have over 200 reviews over 3 years on the largest national review site, which is not used in smaller towns.  One suggestion is to google some info.  See how long I’ve been out there.  Fake girls don’t have high end websites that last years because there is too much disclosure once they reveal their dubious nature.  If possible, I can try to go to meet locals (tavern, etc) so prospective clients could have a personal reference.  If applicable I try to get vouches or comments from clients on local boards.  Law enforcement would never go to those lengths.


Question 4:  I’m worried about law enforcement… How do I know you’re not LE?

Answer 4:  Law enforcement concerns are for underage trafficking, drug use, drug dealing (by pimps), many girls and their pimps will rob clients. They draw attention to themselves and talk blatantly on boards and phones/email.  LE want multiple felony charges.  LE is NOT after higher end girls that aren’t disturbing anyone.  Typically upscale clients are gentleman, and ladies act accordingly… Not talk of acts on the phone or email.  You come discreetly to the room and no one knows what goes on inside, and if you have brought a gift it is in an envelope, concealed.  IF one or the other talks after we have left the room, they POSSIBLY could get a misdemeanor charge to stick and maybe a $50 fine.  We don’t draw attention and stay INSIDE upscale hotels, so they cannot find us.  It isn’t worth their time to go after high end girls.  They can get 10-20 arrests in a day from the cheap fake girl ads.